Welcome to It's Always Ruetten! You may be thinking, "Ruetten? I don't get it." Let me explain... 

As a little girl growing up in Montana, my dad would bring me along to work with him whenever we had the chance (he was a pharmaceutical rep). As he was always meeting new people and introducing us both, inevitably people would ask about our last name. In his story, my dad would always say, "it's never printed, it's always Ruetten." So no one would forget how to pronounce our last name. At the time, I was so embarrassed when he would say this; but now I find myself repeating the same saying to clarify my last name. I guess the best traditions always get passed down. :-)


I am a 20-something living in the desert of Albuquerque, New Mexico. I never thought I would visit, much less live in, New Mexico, but when the right job came knocking, I couldn't turn it down. 

I graduated from the University of Northern Iowa (go Panthers!) in the Spring of 2010 and moved directly to Albuquerque for work. Admittedly, it took me over a year to warm up (no pun intended) to the desert, but since then, I have really found some great things about living in the Duke City.

My family is all over the country (mom in Minnesota, dad and sister in Montana, and the rest in California and Missouri), so I am hoping this blog will be a way for them to see what I am up to (making my house apartment a home, crafting, cooking... always doing something!).

Since I moved to Albuquerque three years ago, I have lived in three (!) apartments. Two years ago I finally found the one that feels like home; and I have no intentions of moving out of it soon. 

I am super tight with my money but I really enjoy being crafty and making my surroundings as nice as possible. I hope my blog is inspirational, realistic, and fun to read.

I am excited to be on this adventure and to have you along the for the journey!

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